This is a site that I run mostly for fun on a severely underallocated ESXi virtual machine on one of my servers. Occasionally I will post guides and other random nonsense that I have learned and want to share with people. If I run into a problem that takes me forever to find a solution to, I will post a tutorial on here in hopes that if someone else has the same problem they might find the answer.

1. Why the name?
MicrowavedGerbil is my screenname and I bought this domain forever ago. I might change it to something more “professional” at a later date as it doesn’t look great on a resume.
2. How is this site hosted?
This site is hosted on Apache on Ubuntu Server on a VM in ESXi on an HP Dl360 G6. The VM only has 1 vCore and 2GB of RAM so this site could crash and burn with even the least bit of traffic.